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Overview of Classes

We provide classes for both adults and kids that are matched to the goal of each student.

Private classes

Kids’ classes

For kids who are just starting to learn English, we recommend 25 minute classes that allow them to have fun and concentrate. Starting out with simple text and words, kids’ classes use games and picture books to increase communication abilities. *If you want you child to learn at home, we can assign homework and recommend learning materials

General classes

As every student has a different reason for learning English, from everyday conversation and business English to business for travel and leisure, Chit Chat classes do not use a common text book.

Let us know the reason you want to learn English, whether it is to improve your communication skills or to learn about the latest issues in politics and economics, and we will use material chosen from a wide range of textbooks in order to match the class to your goals.

Group classes

Currently there are few requests for group classes. As such, if you want to make a request for a group class (with a friend, for example) please feel free to contact us.

We will try to set up group lessons for children who are of the same age and level. We do not recommend classes with siblings of different ages because of the family chemistry, and one student always is dominant.