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About Chit Chat English Services

This years marks the 17th year since Chit Chat English Services started providing high quality, appealing English classes in Komae, Tokyo. Leveraging the advantages that only small English schools enjoy, we aim to support all of our students in achieving their goals!

Simple price system with no enrollment fees and no registration fees

Classes matched to your goals

Everyone has a different reason for learning English.
Chit Chat provides classes for kids and adults that are matched to the goal of each student.

Highly experienced native teacher

Chit Chat’s teacher is highly experienced and is also qualified to teach English in his home country of Canada. Leveraging his experience in English education at a range of companies and English schools, he ensures that learning English at Chit Chat is both enjoyable and practical.
For details, see the Teacher page.

Flexible class timing

As long as it doesn’t overlap with another student’s class, you can take your classes any time you please, meaning you are free to arrange your classes around work and your private commitments. You are also able to take your classes at a set time each week (if you wish to do so, you will be required to attend at the time you select. Please contact us for further details).

A wide range of teaching materials

Chit Chat does not have a specific textbook for use in all classes. Each and every person has a different reason for learning English, and everyone has their own unique weaknesses and points for improvement. From our rich lineup of teaching materials, we will provide a textbook that matches your needs.

Materials available to borrow

Chit Chat offers a library service which allows you to borrow materials ranging from textbooks for studying English to newspapers, magazines, and materials related to music and movies.

  • Textbooks and English learning materials
  • Picture books for kids
  • Novels (for English learning at all levels from beginners to advanced)
  • Paperbacks and magazines
  • DVD (movies), music CDs

About class reservations

Chit Chat English Services does not have full time reception staff.
All reservations for classes are placed directly with our native English teacher.
*We will provide examples for you to use when you wish to contact the school.
All interactions at the school, no matter how small, are considered to be an aspect of learning English and a chance to learn how to communicate.
We believe that not having full time reception staff and not using excessive advertising allows us to keep the price of lessons as low as possible and provide a great environment at a low cost.

*If you are worried about using English, we offer a support service in Japanese.