English Converation Lessons and services in Komae, Tokyo, Japan

Now in its 17th year of operation, Chit Chat looks forward to continuing to provide high quality, appealing, and competitively priced classes that are matched to our customers’ goals and objectives.

Playtime – a new service where kids play in English!

Your kids have had fun picking up English, but now you want a venue where they can try out what they’ve learned and learn to speak even more. In response to these requirements, Chit Chat is now able to offer a new English learning service called “Playtime”.

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CHIT CHAT 英会話狛江 Playtime

New & Events

Dec. 1, 2018
New books in the book corner!
Sept. 1, 2017

Harvest Moon Event

On September 23 (Saturday) we held a fall event comprising an English workshop and a concert at the Izumi-no-Mori Kaikan in Komae.
After Three hours kid's work shop, we had a concert performance by Izumi Sakaki, supported by Robert Taira Wilson and Wataru Sato as the opening acts.
July 26, 2017

Kids’ Summer School (August 10 to 13)

Dec. 20, 2016
Fees will change from January 2017. Information will be provided individually to students already enrolled.
Aug. 3, 2016
English Workshop for kids held.

More About Us

This years marks the 13th year since Chit Chat started providing English services in Komae, Tokyo. Read on to learn more about the type of company Chit Chat is.



Focusing mainly on private classes, Chit Chat can provide a range of services to meet your needs. From kids’ English and general English conversation to specialized classes and intensive courses prior to overseas assignment or study, feel free to talk to us about the kind of classes that suit you.

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Competitive Prices

Given Chit Chat’s small scale of operation, we are able to provide high quality classes that match your goals and objectives for a competitive price.

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